Dr. Alfred Tomatis

Dr. Alfred Tomatis “the grandfather of all listening programs”

Alfred Tomatis, (1920-2001) was a French ENT doctor at the Paris Faculty of Medicine, and a specialist of hearing and language disorders.  He was the son of a great singer, Humbert Tomatis, and from an early age he became familiar with the world of music and opera.  His training, first familial and then medical was to have considerable influence in the direction taken by Alfred Tomatis’s career.  He soon came to develop an avid interest in the relationship between the ear and the voice.

Tomatis was a gifted clinician with exceptional intuition.  The thousands of clinical observations he made in his research on occupational deafness carried out for the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Aviation and Shipyards, enabled him to establish the relationship between hearing and phonation, and by extension that between listening and communication.

In addition to his career as a clinician and lecturer, Tomatis had the opportunity to teach for many years at The School of Anthropology and The School of Practitioner Psychologists, as well as at English speaking universities in Paris.  He left behind many works, articles and interviews, some of which have been translated into various languages, providing us with a better understanding of the foundations of the Tomatis Method.