A Warm Letter From Mom

We love getting these amazing letters from the parents of our patients!   Hi Kara, I just wanted to let you know that we have been amazed by the Tomatis program so far in Sean's treatment. Almost immediately we noticed such a positive change in him, in both his receptive and expressive language. He began to talk more and listen to instructions more intently. After the second loop we noticed that his responses were quicker and he could act on a 2 or 3 stage instruction with ease. Before Tomatis this would have been very difficult. We would have had to repeat our instructions a few times before he could focus on the task. His language has improved immeasurably. He is speaking in full sentences with more emphasis on his … [Read more...]

9 Year Old Boy Thrives With Tomatis

Jason (name changed for anonymity) was born at 28 weeks gestation at 2 lbs, 4 oz, with no early intervention. He was slightly delayed in many of his milestones, but was physically stronger and bigger than his peers, good in sports, but struggling in other areas including school and social interactions with peers. In second grade, Jason began to fall behind his peers in the areas of expressive language, reading comprehension, social interaction, critical thinking and handwriting. He seemed overly active (would run around all day and never tire). In May of second grade, I had him tested at his school for a learning disability. The results of the test declared him as "Communication Impaired".  His was issued an IEP for third grade and was … [Read more...]


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Do you know why people always cringe when they hear their own voice on tape? It’s because they’re hearing solely through their ear canals. When you normally hear your speaking voice, the sound resonates through your head and reaches your ears via bone conduction, rather than air conduction. As a fun experiment, try this: plug your ears with your fingers and say something. Hear how your voice resonates clearly in your head, despite your muted ears? The sound is traveling through your facial bones about 10 times faster than through the air. Your brain puts it all together via sensory integration, which is a crucial part of phonological awareness, or the comprehension of language. A startup company, Sound For Life Ltd., has developed a … [Read more...]

Dr. Alfred Tomatis

Dr Alfred Tomatis

Dr. Alfred Tomatis “the grandfather of all listening programs” Alfred Tomatis, (1920-2001) was a French ENT doctor at the Paris Faculty of Medicine, and a specialist of hearing and language disorders.  He was the son of a great singer, Humbert Tomatis, and from an early age he became familiar with the world of music and opera.  His training, first familial and then medical was to have considerable influence in the direction taken by Alfred Tomatis’s career.  He soon came to develop an avid interest in the relationship between the ear and the voice. Tomatis was a gifted clinician with exceptional intuition.  The thousands of clinical observations he made in his research on occupational deafness carried out for the Ministry of Labor and … [Read more...]