Disability Doesn’t Hold Him Back

  Here is a great story from the Autism News. Tye Horn sets goals and achieves them.  Horn, who has mild developmental disability, was hired as a parking lot attendant at Home Depot in Newbury Park when he was 19. After pushing carts for nearly a decade, he set his sights on moving inside and becoming a cashier.  “I said, ‘I’m up for anything.’ I didn’t know anything about money or what I was getting into,” said Horn, a Newbury Park resident. “It was scary. . . . People didn’t think I could do it. I proved them wrong.”  After five years behind a register, Horn was promoted last year to sales associate in the hardware department—a position that allowed him to make a better life for himself and his … [Read more...]

Autism & Vaccines

Autism - Vaccines

Should you be concerned about mercury-based preservatives in vaccines? How about measles virus in the MMR? If you're confused by the debates, you're not alone! Here's non-technical information to help you better understand the controversies. http://autism.about.com/ … [Read more...]