The Program

Tomatis HeadphonesThe Tomatis program is an individualized program designed to meet the specific needs of each client whether child, adolescent or adult.  The program can be completed in clinic under the direct supervision of a certified Tomatis Consultant, as well as at home through the use of an ultra portable and easy to use device called Solisten.  This new equipment helps avoid the time and stress that is often accompanied by traveling to a Tomatis center.

The process:

An initial assessment is conducted to determine the difficulties a person is struggling with and how the Tomatis method will help the individual achieve their desired goals.  After the assessment a Tomatis program will be developed for the client with the length and number of sessions determined on an individual basis.

How Does It Work?

Hearing Gymnastics: Problems of listening will occur when the two muscles of the middle ear malfunction.  The role of these two muscles is to provide accurate and smooth transmission of sound information to the inner ear and to the brain.  When these two muscles are not working properly the brain can not fully exploit its integration mechanisms of analysis and organization of sound information.  As a result the brain will become saturated with information that is not usable and will thus protect itself by ordering the hearing and muscle receptor cells of the ear to function less well when the voice message reaches it this way and will create all the “misunderstandings” of our daily lives, difficulty concentrating, mis-understaning during verbal exchanges, sense of aggress to certain sounds, learning difficulties etc.

The purpose of the Tomatis method is to train the ear to fully recover the ability to listen and to return the function of the two muscles of the ear to a normal and harmonious system.  The purpose of this training is to correct the excessive protective mechanisms the brain has on our ears and with that all the distortions that impact listening.  Enjoy this brief video of the ear and the process of the Tomatis method.



Tomatis training by itself is not an FDA approved stand-alone program (as is the case with all sound interventions) and is not recognized in the USA as a medical intervention that seeks medical reimbursement. At TOTS for Kids we focus on occupational therapy services in an adult-child one to one ratio and we add Tomatis training as one of our many tools.